Welcome to Carbon Trappers Organization

Carbon Trappers is a non profit that carries out aforestation projects in order to trap carbon dioxide and particulate matters, which are some of the main anthropogenic (man made) causes of global warming.

Carbon Trappers is a registered Non Profit (501C3) filed by the Secretary of State in Sacramento, California. As such, every dollar that you give to help us clean up our air, protect our children’s health, is tax deductible. We plant food producing trees as often as we can. When location does not allow harvesting, we plant native trees.  Supporting us alleviates climate change, contributes to fresh food production, creates jobs, enables school children to discover nature’s bounty.

Carbon Trappers is a registered  California’s (EPA Air Resource Board) Cap and Trade program offset provider. Any company that has evaluated its carbon production can trade 8% of their carbon compliance obligations with our registered offsets.

Carbon Trappers calendar. Looking to make a change and have fun at the same time? Help us by joining our team. Help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the city by planting trees, installing atmospheric water generators, fund raising, harvesting fruit.