Carbon Trappers’ Mission

Carbon Trappers is a non- profit that fills the gap between different CO2 equivalent reduction initiatives. Scrubbing of industrial and energy production plants emissions, transferring from coal to shale gas, renewable sources of energy are some of the necessary steps that governments are enforcing.
We use photosynthesis to clean the atmosphere from existing pollutants now. Every tree that we plant contributes to trapping carbon within its trunk, branch and leaves, as well lowering temperatures and keeping moisture close to the ground.

  • Carbon that isĀ  being absorbed daily by the Carbon Trapper’s initiative.
  • Planted Trees
  • Funding and its destination (Carbon Trappers are dedicated to transparent accounting)

    The funds that we collect go to plant groves on the outskirts of major urban centers absorbing CO2 providing food/ other products, and creating jobs and food for local communities. All income goes to running & expanding existing groves. All varieties are selected according to local climate requirements. Following generations of planters in arid landscapes we are committed to planting drought resistant species that will not require watering after rooting. We solicit public / BLM land, or private land to fulfill Carbon Trapping as close as possible to urban generated pollution.