What we do How we do it

When it comes to Planting…


Carbon Trappers plant on vacant land, road strips, available inner city lots, desert landscape, to absorb and lock pollution near its source, produce food, create jobs.

We  also plant on private properties, or donated land.

Our purpose is to plant trees, and more trees!


We work with local nurseries and companies that provide young or grown trees. According to location, we choose endemic varieties or drought resistant food producing groves, such as Olive trees, Date Palm, Avocado, Citrus etc.

We work with other non profits,  volunteers, State organisations and all who carry passion for aforestation projects.

We are committed to hiring and training among the undeserved communities,  job-homeless-Los Angeles, CRDC, women shelters to maintain and harvest product.
The fruit we grow is donated to schools or sold on Farmers Markets / cooperatives to expand our initiative.



Date Palm on truck5